TADU is a union of African people in the Diaspora for the development and promotion of socio-economic interests of its members and communities through co-operatives and enterprise!

Welcome to the African Diaspora Union

The vision of the ADU is to unite mother Africa with her children living in the diaspora to develop mutual economic interests.

African people lack sustainable institutions to advocate for their mutual interests. The ADU aims to build 5 sustainable institutions namely for Busines organisations, professionals organisations, community organisations, Faith groups and organisations for our young people. We aim to do this through a federation of African diaspora organisations working together synergistically.

Business Opportunity

TADU is committed to providing the necessary support for businesses owned by Africans in the Diaspora.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) owned by Africans in the Diaspora stand to gain from enhanced trade links with the emerging African markets.

TADU will help businesses to identify suppliers in Africa, for example, to provide goods for lead export products such as food produce, raw materials.

Africa Fashion

Fashions of black origin, FOBO© is a TADU project for promoting the black fashion industry. This includes businesses and services by African designers and entrepreneurs. We also organise an award to those making the biggest contributions to fashion of African origin around the world


The concept of ” Partners ” clubbing together to fund their own needs was first developed in England by African Caribbean people at a time when they were excluded from accessing financial products such as loans and mortgages. TADU facilitate the process of bringing people together to develop specific projects which they operate together through self funding.

Youth Empowerment

In response to the calling for meaningful civic, economic, social and political participation for African young men and women.TADU recognises the development challenges and issues facing youth today and offers mentoring support and engagement of a broad range of partners in addressing youth empowerment to achieving sustainable human development.


TADU organises events in Africa and the Diaspora to bring together. participants from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Our wide range of events includes trade exhibitions, conferences, meetings, and carnival.


We recognise the value of providing the right environment for new business opportunities or contacts. Our events are the ideal places to meet new contacts in your chosen profession and area. Some of these activities are highly focused and in conjunction with African governments and organisations.



Kumasi carnival

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Membership Benefits

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International Chapters

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