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The vision of the African Diaspora Union ( TADU ) is to provide a common platform to promote the socio-economic development of peoples of African origins ( all of humanity ) who reside outside Africa.
The ADU vision is a duality in itself. On the one hand, our intention is to point to the fact that we all have a common earthly origin which is African and to develop common material interests for the mutual benefits of our members. On the other hand however and perhaps, more importantly, it is to point humanity to its true authentic, which is not African but of a higher entity that overcomes suffering.


The mission of the African Diaspora Union (TADU ) is to facilitate the Union of peoples of African origins ( all of humanity) living outside Africa, to develop a handful of 5 institutions for Businesses, Professionals, Communities, Faith groups and Children as a means to meet their socio-economic needs mutually.
TADU aims to facilitate the development of cooperatives and partnerships to enrich and improve the quality of lives of African communities globally.

The membership of TADU is open to all of the human race, regardless of skin colour, ethnicity, religions, age, gender, sexuality, education or class. We have come together based on the recognition that out of many peoples of this earth, we are of one common humanity that originates from Africa.

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The ADU vision is to unite mother Africa with her children in the diaspora to develop economic interests for mutual benefit.

As all human beings originate from Africa, it is a vision for the unification of all peoples living outside the motherland, regardless of skin colour but who recognise their common African origins. Hence the ADU platform is a prospective place for the union of all mankind.

Although we all originate from Africa and are therefore Africans, there is an ongoing economic disenfranchisement of black people of African origins globally. It is a vestige from the institutional exploitation, slavery and the colonisations of black African people. It is fuelled by ignorance, greed, ego, paranoia and racism backed up with pseudoscience. Today the systems of disenfranchisement run so deep and is so entrenched that it is now perpetuated by African peoples themselves through denial of their our own natural, cultural, spiritual and religious practices. These factors are intertwined with the economic plight of African people today. Hence the ADU intention is to propagate economic freedom for African peoples in the diaspora.



On the one hand It is a vision to promote cohesive , collective, cooperative economic development for all those who know and respect their common true earthly origins.


On the other hand it is a Vision to point humanity to its true and authentic identity which is not actually African at all and which is not tied to a geographic location but to a higher self of lasting freedom and liberation.

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